The Pakistan Pest Management Association (PPMA) was established in 2015. Since the inception of the country, the Pest management remained neglected. The Departments like Health, Agriculture, Food and even the Environment Control Ministries did not show any interest and remained unconcerned. The Pest Management remained at the mercy of non-professionals who used Dangerous Chemicals at random, without job specification thereby endangering the lives of citizens and livestock.

A group of professionals conceived the idea of forming Pakistan Pest Management Association (PPMA) so that the Pest affairs can be run in an institutionalized manner, giving protection to Public Health, Food, Property and Environment. Therefore, in 2015 PPMA was registered with the government as State Legislators and Regulatory Agencies.


PPMA aims to set the standard of quality in pest management all over Pakistan. It is endeavoring to connect homeowners and business communities with Certified Pest Management Companies to provide quality services and introducing the concept of SAFETY to create awareness amongst the Pest professionals and the customers for a healthy livelihood