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The Pakistan Pest Management Association  (PPMA) was established in 2012 and after tight scrutiny; it was registered with the government in 2015. Since 1947 the Pakistan Pest Control Industry remained neglected. The government authorities did not show any interest and remained unconcerned. The Pakistan pest control industry remained at the mercy of non-professionals. Endangering the lives of citizens and livestock.

PPMA was formed so that the Pak Pest Control Industry and its affairs can be run in an institutionalized manner, giving protection to Public Health, Food, Property and Environment. PPMA was registered with the Government as State Legislators and Regulatory Agency in 2015.

PPMA aims to set the standard of quality in Pak pest control industry. It is endeavoring to connect homeowners, businesses and communities with Certified Pest Management Companies to provide quality services without compromising on SAFETY.


PPMA main aim is to set the bench mark of professional standards in Pakistan  pest Control Industry. Unfortunately, there is no Government Regulatory or Licensing authority in Pakistan therefore, PPMA is encouraging & supporting true professionals and companies in becoming full member of PPMA after fulfilling the criteria, so that only recognized companies of PPMA are entertained by government, commercial & industrial establishments, as well as by general public for quality services under safe umbrella in best interest for public health.

PPMA one of the main objective is to enhance the importance of SAFETY, not only in Pakistan Pest Control Industry but also in customer, property and environment as poisonous chemicals, electrical & mechanical devices etc. are commonly used in pest control industry.


PPMA vision is to  Provide our members with the resources and support they need to provide their clients with the best possible pest control services.

Educating the public about the importance of pest management and how to protect themselves from pests and irregular pesticides and insecticides.

Advocating for policies and regulations that support the safe and effective management of pests. We believe that working together with our members and other stakeholders, we can create a future where pests are managed safely and effectively, and everyone is protected from their harmful effects.


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Ashraf Sattar

Founder Member
President (PPMA)

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Shoaib Noor

Founder Member
Senior Vice President (PPMA)

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Mehboob Alam

Founder Member
Vice President (Karachi) (PPMA)

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Muhammad Hanif

Founder Member
General Secretary (PPMA)

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Salman Raheem

Founder Member
Join Secretary (PPMA)

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Founder Member
Finance Secretary (PPMA)


Muhammad Rizwan

Founder Member